Oculus lacrimabam: The eye that has cried (Also known as Martem's Quest)

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10:16am Sep 23 2010

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I carefully counted my steps while I was walking through the big hall of the school. 50, 51, 52…. Number 21, The cl*censored*room where they mainly teach German. 53, 54, 55… The cool, yellowish floor echoed my very footstep through the hall, as I p*censored*ed the cl*censored*rooms number 22 and 23… Dutch and English. My most favorite cl*censored*es so far. Easy stuff, not to much homework…
But what a shame, I had to head on. Because today, this hour, there would be no Dutch or English for me. No, I had to take just three more steps. Just three steps to the large white door of cl*censored*room 24. The neatly painted, black numbers replied my glance with a cold, somewhat proud gaze, making my last bit of vivre sink deep down to my feet as they invited me, invited me to come in and undergo the torture and horror of the most terrible cl*censored* in mondus: Latin.

7:05pm Sep 27 2010

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I don't think Latin's that bad. I always just sort of sleep through it. xD

Interesting start, planning on posting more? 

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