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2:42am Jun 14 2020 (last edited on 2:42am Jun 14 2020)

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I've been working on a personal project and am considering looking for writers to do the following: 
1. Futuristic worldbuilding
2. Write SIMPLE storylines according to given premise
3. Write dialogue
4. Fleshing out characters/Character creation

If hired, you will be paid in tu. I haven't figured out the exact prices yet but I am very open to negotiating! :)

If you're interested, please leave some examples/a portfolio of any of your past works! (Replies that do not include examples/a portfolio will be ignored) I will contact you if I find that your writing style fits my project well. 

Thank you! <3


9:51am Jun 14 2020

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I might be able to help with simple storylines and dialogue


8:01am Jun 15 2020

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I can help, however I don't have any pieces on me at the moment.

12:28am Jun 16 2020

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i can help, just state something and i will handwrite it in cursive

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7:58am Jun 16 2020 (last edited on 8:00am Jun 16 2020)

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I love writing lore! I can help! leeme c if i can send some examples c:
well, u can check out my thread in writer's lounge for my Res lore!

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9:50am Jun 16 2020

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Hello, I am comfortable with pretty much all of that.

Example of Storyline:
One of my recents

Example of Characters/Deions:
(this is a piece I was working on quite a while ago but it's unfinished.
It is quite over deive.)

Dialogues +futuristic worldbuilding can be found in given examples.

A few are a tiny bit old so sorry if there is a bit of cringe (it may be like that to me because I wrote it).

And something else:

“Come on, slowcoach!” Ann yelled at me.

“Hey – I’m faster than both of you put together!” I shouted
back, shoving my older brother Will. He shoved me back. “Thanks for the boost,”
I laughed.

The three of us ran up the hill. I finally caught up with
Ann, and she shrieked as I passed. I reached the top and lay on the floor,
trying to catch my breath.

“First’s the worst, Susan,” my sister jeered, panting as she
slowed to a walk.

“And second’s the best!” Will said, as he sprinted past Ann.

“No!” Ann yelped, trying to grab Will.

He sat down beside me, laughing. The sky was clear, and the
air smelt faintly of flowers. Birds chirped sweetly. We all closed our eyes,
enjoying the silence and peace for a few moments.

“Let’s have our picnic!” Ann jumped up and down impatiently.

“Alright,” I said, getting up. Let’s go somewhere flatter.
We all got up and looked around. I heard Will shout, and I ran over to him.

“Look here!” He said, parting the low-hanging branches of a

A huge lawn spread like a thick carpet across the ground.
There was a stone path down the middle, with steps. But the whole place was
overflowing with tall weeds and flowers. The thing that caught our eyes was the
huge, grand building that stood at the end of the path. We were drawn along the
path, as if we were tied to a string. It was enchanting, mesmerising.

Long ago, it must have belonged to a rich family. There
must’ve been balls and music. People would’ve arrived in horse-drawn carriages.
They would have walked up the stairs in glittering ball gowns and danced for
hours and hours. They would laugh and talk. Young couples sneaking through the
moonlit corridors, stealing outside into the black night and standing under the
starlit sky. I could hear the music, soft and sweet, lulling me.

Yet I could see; the house was old. No one had been near it
for years. It was abandoned, forgotten. Separate from the rest of the world.
Time was frozen here.

Some windows were empty, gaping holes that had broken in
storms. The wooden structure of the house was rotten, yet still standing as if
some invisible force was supporting it. Ivy and vines twined round stone pillars,
climbed up the walls, forcing themselves into every crack and gap. The paint
had melted and peeled like leaves from a growing blossom, revealing the flesh
red bricks underneath. The stone arches were ridden with thousands of tiny

But the most noticeable thing was that the whole house was
adorned… bejewelled by ruby red rose bushes. The thorns were longer and sharper
than the edge of a sword. They were the deepest, darkest black. The leaves were
green, greener than a forest of emeralds. The red petals laid the stone ground
around the house like a pool of blood.

I found myself being drawn towards the house. I felt as if I
was in a dream. I had no control of myself. I walked forwards, up the stone
stairs, past the archways. My feet stepped on the masses of petals. I began to
walk faster, to jog and run. I could hear voices behind me, around me, echoing.
Stop! Susan… worried voices and
voices pulling at me, voices encouraging me to go further. Susan, run, run!

The ground disappeared. My heart dropped. I was falling. I
hit the ground. Pain, I could feel it edging in on me. Something hot and warm
dribbled down into my eye. I lifted my hand to my face and pulled it away. A
single rose petal, glistening like blood, was in my hand. I dropped it and it
floated to the ground, moving side to side like a feather. My eyes followed it
as it landed. My heart began to thud
quicker and quicker, beating on my chest. I saw a trail of rose petals,
drifting into the darkness…

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