Life as a Mutant Zapho

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8:45am Jul 22 2016

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Chapter 1: I can hear footsteps.Then a voice."Look what I found" I listened carefully, for I could not see anything.I must be in an egg,I realised!
I wondered what the girl (for the voice had sounded female) had found. Then I felt hands lifting my egg up, and then it hit me, I was what the girl had found! 

Chapter 2:" You can't sell that, Eveline" said a different voice, "It's spolied, see?"
"Oh" She - Eveline, she must be called, sounded crestfallen. "Never mind, I will still take it" She exclaimed.

Chapter 3. Next thing I know, I am out in the bright lights of the world.I stare up at Eveline, my owner, wondering what she will say." You're a Mutant" she cries! I am confused now. I don't know what she means. I am ... Different maybe? "Oh I wanted a Zapho for so long" She wails, "and I thought I had found my dream pet!" I'm her dream pet! Wow! " But no" she mutters " all I get is a MUTANT!" Oh, so I guess I'm not her dream pet then...

Chapter 4. "right" Eveline mutters, " You are going straight to the store, and I will see if anyone wants you" She does not want me? I don't understand.All I know is that I am different. I am not bad, surely... " But then who would want a mutant?" It's Eveline. I don't want to be sold! I want Eveline...

Chapter 5.  Maybe I can convince her to keep me... I look up at her smiling, electric bolts flashing from my claws. She looks down at me, and I playfully nudge her ,playing with my new found electric power. She smiles. "Maybe you're not so bad" I smile even more. " Infact, maybe you ARE my dream pet" I am so happy I could burst.

Chapter 6. Many years later. I am a grown Zapho now, and Eveline still loves me. We play together every day, and she never forgets to feed me. We are both old now, but happy. I finally realise that it does not matter I am different, because I am still good.


P.s, I am thinking of making Life as a Mutant a sereis. What do you think?


8:45am Jul 30 2016

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Plz make a sereis.

If u have any unwanted Mutants i will take them as long as they not too much

1:03am Apr 22 2017

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Yay happy ending! :D

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe FNaF group.\r\n

5:04pm Apr 23 2017

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Yayayayayyayyayyayyayahappy hahyyayyayyayyayayyayayayyayayyayayayyayay happy little mutant zaphao


11:51am Apr 7 2021

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OMG that is so sweet!
my eyes are tearing up this is too much emotion ;-;
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