Letters to Po.

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6:21am Sep 29 2010 (last edited on 4:46am Sep 30 2010)

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 Po was my darling Pearl Winter White hamster. He's left me, and has left a deep impression on how I would judge other hamsters in time to come.

9 September, 2010

Po, I know you will not be able to read this... but I love you. It's only been one short month... and our bond was strong. I am awfully sorry I couldn't get you to the vet in time. I love you. You will always be etched in my heart. Tears are flowing as I write this down... I wanted to bury you, but I wasn't able to because Mom didn't let me. Barley, your mate, has to be given away by Monday because of all the hamster hair that causes our family to be sick. Hopefully Gina will be able to look after Barley well. I fed her a carrot and some vegetables, and I saw that she liked it. I knew you liked it too , for you begged me for more last time. I am sorry, when you died... you weren't even given one. I don't regret being scolded for spending your last few hours before you died instead of doing my homework.I really have let you down. Please forgive me.



29 September, 2010 

Dear Po,

It's been quite a short time since you p*censored*ed away. I've made Mom and Dad forget that I have to give away Barley. Can you read, my darling pet? How are you ? There is so much I want to tell you. Do you know that I miss you? That I want you to return to my life? Barley's mood has dampened a bit, but she never fails to do what you do to impress me - climb to the top of the cage and do some roof-climbing upside down! She really is missing you too, I believe.

Are you lonely up there in Heaven? I do hope some other hamsters would be with you . You're really a darling - please don't be lonely. I want you to be happy everyday.

Po, I will write to you everyday, regardless if you can even read these letters and receive them. I know that you will come down one day and make me happy once more, to rescue me from this life of misunderstanding.

I hope you will read this.


30 September 2010

Dear Po,

Today is Children's day - although I can't really count myself as a child. I celebrated with several friends and was elated, but something was missing. You.

Mom and Dad fight often because of me. Is it my fault? Please , I beg of you to come down from your little piece of heaven one day and rescue me, to take me to live with you, and take Barley along too!

Dear pet love, I do hope you are happy. Is this fate that we had to be separated? Or that you're just letting me reflect on myself before rescuing me? Please reply if you can - I don't think you can - I miss you.


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