In the Grassy Field

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7:24pm Oct 21 2016 (last edited on 7:27pm Oct 21 2016)

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Dedicated to TARDIS who has made so many happy.

I sit amazed in the middle of a grassy field. My friend had invited me out here a few days ago, and had showed me the wonders if this small haven.

This was the home of the snare, a magical relative of the rabbit and the hare that was said to bring good luck and live in the realm of the gods. Each snare was different, not just in the way that they were individuals, but they were all different colors, different patterns, and had personalities each unique to themselves in the way that no two human beings were exactly alike. Some were fox-looking, others were dragon looking, and then some bared no resemblance to anything but themselves. One snare that I had met seemed to have the adorable habit of counting the spots on its fur. Another liked to hide in the tall grass, and still another was lightning fast. I haven't yet met a snare that likes to cuddle, but I hope to meet one of my own soon.

The deities seem to bestow certain snares upon kind souls, and I am greatly pleased to see others pick up their own companions. I only hope someday that I will earn my own, or at least be able to adopt one.

In the meanwhile, I love watching the the baby snares and their owners play and grow and become accustomed to each other. The deities seem to be blessing them immensely. 

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ~Sherlock Holmes

please come and discover the wonder of oddities that are BINDIES! you can adopt your own very soon!


8:20pm Oct 21 2016

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Awwwww, this is so prettily written! ;o; Thank you so much sita! <33


10:56pm May 7 2017

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