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6:35pm Sep 21 2010

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This is a story about...wait for it...WOLVES! I love wolves. I also have verymany toher stories here, check em' out. So ya, and there will be an RP for tis story...maybe...hopefully. So ya, please comment on what you think!! <3

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7:21pm Sep 22 2010

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i love wolves too nya! im mixed with wolf even though im a panther demon.Im an experiment nya!

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5:00pm Sep 24 2010 (last edited on 9:12am Sep 25 2010)

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Chapter 1

Liru was a very rare wolf. Probably the only one of her kind. She had black fur, her ear tips were silver, and her paws were silver. She had a small white star in the middle of her for head and her eyes were gold.

Where ever Liru went, she had to be very careful. Hunters were always out to get her. A legend was told that the first man to ever become rich enough to over power America, had a wolf, much like Liru, as a pet. Sadly, he p*censored*ed over a hundred years ago, due to the fact his wolf attacked him.

Liru walked slowly, keeping an eye on every tree and making sure she wasn't about to step in a trap. She silently walked along the dirt path, staying clear of anything or anyone. Suddenly she heard a small crunch. She wipped her head around and saw a small squirrel dart away. Quickly she jumped into a sprint. Her stomach had been growling all day, and now was her chance to eat.

Liru jumped over logs and dashed under fallen branches. She kept running, as if her life depended on catching this squirrel.


Liru gave out a spine curdling welp. She fell to the ground, her vision turning to a fast blur. She closed her eyes tightly and slowly lifted her head. Her back leg had an aching pain. Carefully she tried getting up. She let out another welp and fell back down. Her face crashing to the floor. By now she was breathing heavily and was trying not to panic.

Once again she tried getting up. Slowly and carefully she stood, putting light pressure on her back leg. When she turned to look she noticed her foot was cought in a trap. Crap! She thought, just what she was trying not to do. She turned and sniffed the trap. It had a strong smell of death.

Her leg was bleeding fearsly and her breathing was rappid and uneven. She layed back down and took deep breaths. She heard a crunch, as her ears percked up. Now her entire body hurt from the blood loss.


Liru knew that sound. A gun shot. She felt another sharp pain in her back leg. Slowly she arched her head to look. All she saw before her head crashed to the ground was a small dart with pink feathers. Her vision blurred and her breathing sped up. Before her eyes vlosed she saw something in a white coat slowly walk towards her. She growled but suddenly fainted.

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3:11pm Sep 25 2010

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Chapter 2

After what seemed like a very long sleep Liru opened her eyes. It took her a minutes to focus. "What..?" She growled. People in white coats where all around, clicking things, writing things down, and talking to each other.

Liru jumped up and launched at the people. But something choked her. She hit the floor and gagged. When she turned around she noticed a large metal chain around her neck, leading to a big metal pole. She thrashed and barked.

Once again she ran for the people but only fell, gagging once again. She stood up, her back leg still hurting. When she turned around she noticed her leg that was caught in the trap was wrapped up. She chewed at the bandages. A person with the white coat pressed a button. The chain tied to her neck began to pull back. A small lever on the metal pull spun as the chain winded in.

Liru barked as the chain pulled her back. Finally she was forced to give up. She laid down on her side and the chain pulled her further. Soon is made a clicking noise and Liru jumped. Now the chain had gotten smaller and she couldn't walk.


Again, she reconized the sound. A gun shot... She looked at her back leg, the small feathered dart was in her leg. Slowly her eyes closed.

When she awoke she tried standing. Suddenly she fell. Her legs had been tied up. She whimpered and growled. The people only stared.

"I guess theres no way I'm getting out of this..." She wined.

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5:50pm Sep 27 2010 (last edited on 7:22pm Sep 28 2010)

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((I hope people are enjoying it so far ^^))

Chapter 3

Liru layed still and quiet on the cold tile floor. The people wouldn't take their eyes off her. "Am I really that cute?" She barked. Quickly they began writing. Obviously they couldn't understand her.

For hours apon hours Liru stayed still and quiet. Everybody soon left and the lights turned off. Finally! She thought. Quickly she slipped her feet out of the knots.

While nobody was looking Liru had found away to slip her paws out of the rope.

She stood up. Slowly she pulled her neck to the side, the chain was still on her though. Dang it! She wouldn't give up. Silently she sat for a few minutes. Finally she jumped up.

Liru clawed vilently at the chain. Her paws where begining to hurt now.


The chain snapped and Liru made a break for it. Running fearsly she jumped over the steal table she had first woke up on and she launched for the door. She ignored the sore pain in her paws from beating the chain.

The door burst down and Liru ran straight for the front doors. Somebody pushed a large red button and an alarm went off. The screeching noise hurt her ears, though nothing was going to stop her now.

Once she had made it far enough into the forest and far enough away from the building she sat up against a tree. "Ow!" She shreecked. She lifted one paw and licked it softly. Now her pads had begun bleeding from the run and the chain.

She let out a small welp and rested her head between her paws, and gently fell asleep.

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