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10:56am Apr 29 2020 (last edited on 10:56am May 2 2020)

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Hello everyone! I recently started playing Res and I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT!!! <3 Thank you to the makers because now quarantine life isn't so boring... With so much to do, finding and adopting new creatu is getting to be a little addictive XD So I decided i will post a series of logs publishing my activities with my various creatu! I think this will be a fun endeavour, i will have something to do other than explore... Hope you all like my stories! <3
P.S I will post a log once or twice a week, since these might be a bit lengthy ;)
Also, rmail me to tell me what you like/didn't like and suggestions on what would be the next creatu i should get.

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9:31pm May 1 2020 (last edited on 9:57am May 6 2020)

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A gentle breeze slithers its way through my longish hair, announcing the start of a brand new day. Of course, to me, it also means that i have resided in the world of Recreatu for my first week. A lot of good things happened to me since I joined. I am still learning the basics, like managing my way throughout the four planets.  As I brush through my tangled knots and put on my favorite short purple cloak, Breetos stretches out and yawns.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” I whisper.

Breetos is one of my latest creatu, a male nattie Iluvu. I picked him up just this morning from an auction by Otachie. We both just woke up from a nap because of that. I went to pick him up at, like, 7 am, and then I picked up another one of my recent additions, BeigeFin7 from MontannaGirl. After that early morning adventure, we were all exhausted. So I dropped off BeigeFin with the rest, and Breetos silently lumbered behind me to find rest within my quarters. I feel bad for him, because Iluvu normally stay real close to their first owners. His life adventures previous to the one he has here I don’t know of. Hopefully, he has come to stay.

Now he walks to my side and lazily intertwines himself between my legs. Once I finished fixing my appearance, we head over to the warehouse, where all my belongings are stored. We step out into the breezy Scrian afternoon, taking in the beautiful day and soaking up the sun. We make our way down the cliff, the Scora Cloud looming in the distance.

As we enter, a large and seemingly intimidating variety of creatu greet us at the entrance at once. I have acquired quite a range, even though this is only my first week.

First come my group of Aheas, led by BeigeFin7. Mocharoo, Denizi, and Aquafoam hop awkwardly as they come forward. I can see the droplets of water glistening in the sun on their slimy skin, letting me know they came straight from a swim in their large pond. After nudging my hand to pat them, Aqua and Mocha saunter off, clearly having had enough group time. Denizi stays back with Beige, obviously admiring his large figure and his frostlight appearance. I felt happy for Denizi, because before BeigeFin came along he was the oldest Ahea, and at that an adolescent and mutant. Having a role model like Beige would really help him out…

Next came up my first ever creatus: Verodyl the Drindian and FlameSoar the Otachie. They both have developed a strong friendship with each other and with me as they were the first I ever had here. They clearly compliment each other as FlameSoar is very aggresive while Vero is very calm. They are still babies, but almost adolescents now and are getting to be more independent.

After them came an assortment of others, ranging from a couple of meragons to some sirleons to a pair of vaspies and even a mutant draqua and easero. Breetos greets each one with mutual interest, as friendly as any Iluvu meeting another creatu. He wanders around, noticing all the different creatu squirming in the warehouse. But something stops him in his tracks, his excitement growing. He stares up at a mountain of food crates i keep in the warehouse. Then, oddly enough, he sits down and yips, never taking his eyes off the crates. Slowly, a fluffy pink figure emerges from behind the crates. The female creatu timidly lifts her eyes to meet Breetos’.

“Oh, Piddler! That’s where you’ve been this whole time? Come out and meet Breetos,” I say.

My nattie mutant Iluvu cautiously stepped down from her hiding spot. Breetos excitedly sniffs her all over and introduces himself. Piddler seems to perk up at the special attention and returns the greeting. 

I feel glad that Piddler is getting this attention from Breetos. Of course I try my best in caring for and nourishing her, and she knows that I have much love for her. But its not the same when coming from another Iluvu. I am not positive, but the way Piddler acts is as if the other iluvu in her life didn’t care about her because of her mutant condition. Breetos is probably the only Iluvu that ever ventured further than sniffing her. Thinking of that makes me so sad. But now, with Breetos’ help, I can hopefully rebuild her self-confidence. 


It’s nighttime now, and the day was very eventful, as any other in the world of Rescreatu. I received more creatu, among them an Eleodon, another Drindian, and a Gondra. I took my only Paor, GoldenTai, and dyed him a beautiful orchid color. Might I regret this? Maybe. He seems a bit more prideful because of his new coat, as he used to be a nattie color. I brought him home today with me, but he will have to settle on the fluffy creatu bed instead of with me because I don’t want to get kicked as he is dreaming about his new jumping tricks. Piddler accepted Breetos into her hideaway, so now I have peace knowing she finally has someone other than me to snuggle with. 

I sigh, satisfied with how today turned out and waiting for tomorrow to begin, and as a soft breeze wafts through the open windows, I find myself drifting off to wonderful sleep.

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1:45pm May 6 2020

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I wake up with a start, and I open my eyes to see Velvet’s ghastly but also impressive set of teeth. 

“Ugh, Velvet, you really are going to make me regret this,” I murmur. 

It is still nighttime, in fact midnight on Scria, but I force myself to wake up and get dressed. Since last week I have gotten even more creatu to deal with and most are the youth. Some are starting to feel dejected because of the little time I can spare to spend with them. Because of this, I compromised some of my resting time to satisfy the hunger for adventure of my Vogars, more specifically, my black female. VelvetRain was my first Vogar, and I quickly came to understand that she might be the most aggresive creatu i’ll ever have. She is quick-tempered, and doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way, even though she is still a baby. 

I drag myself to the dresser to pull back my wild hair. She is sitting on my bed, looking at me with peculiar interest. Sometimes she catches me stealing a glance at her nervously. She must sense my worry. I'm still trying to get used to the fact that we are going on a not-so-legal mission. I straighten my back and shake off my nerves of the impending escapade. I have learned that in order to be in control of these species I must act like the Alpha, or else risk them expecting me to comply with their every demand. I glance over to see her two younger siblings, BluTheRaptor and Raptorette, curled up against each other on the fluffy bed. The three of them make quite a feeding session. She snorts at them and nudges my hand, wanting me to refocus on preparation. 

I sigh, and stroll over to my closet. Dressing up for stealth missions is not my virtue, and Velvet senses that. She cringes as she notices my brightly-colored wardrobe. I dig around and eventually pull out a black retro buttoned dress, black canvas shoes, and a black knitted winter hat. Velvet tilts her head sideways, analyzing my choice of clothing as I try it on. I finish sliding on my hat when she grimaces and shakes her head, clearly discontent with my outfit. She walks past me and wanders into the closet. One by one she drags out a certain piece of clothing off of the racks until she plops down and gives me an impatient look. 

Of course, everything is black. I finish redressing and she admires her work. Now, instead of a dress, i’m wearing a basic turtleneck and leggings. Instead of canvas shoes I have phat sneakers. Also, Velvet decided I needed leather gloves, as an accessory. Finally, to replace the fuzzy hat I was given a short black cloak.

I pull out a small sack in which I can bring some snacks because it is an inevitable fact that Velvet will be hungry in the middle of whatever peril we are in. As I close the bag I notice my shiny neck ribbon hanging on my necklace stand. I am not careful with pulling it off the stand and accidentally knock off my black beads to the ground. Blu and Rap stir from their dreams. Velvet glares at me, very annoyed. She sees the ribbon in my hand and is probably going to rip it to shreds next time it is unattended. Well, rip the ribbon, not my hand.

We make our way to the portal nexus. Velvet silently keeps a distance of at least 5 strides ahead of me, trying to give me the silent treatment for ruining her expedition. Meanwhile, Blu and Rap frolic about, jumping and twisting and tossing. They are sure excited about this adventure and they are happy that they didn’t miss it. Velvet feels the opposite. 

She leads us to the portal. I decide then and there that we are not going to reiflem as planned, but to Relcore instead. I realized that going on a midnight backstage tour of Reiflem might not be the safest thing for anyone, especially young creatu. I tell my companions my decision. Unfortunately my last-minute decision seems to upset Velvet even more, and she stomps off into the portal without waiting. I jump in, lugging Blu and Rap behind me. 


So its morning now. Everyone is well rested and eager to start a new day. Blu and Rap well enjoyed our little outing last night and are currently taking a nap after breakfast. Velvet decided to forgive me after I took them to run around Trash Isthmus. I had found some wooden shield and promised her that we will begin practicing combat soon…

Right now I had given her extra rations so she is snoozing as well. I am leaning up against Jarmid, my young Jahra. He is one of my babies, and a smart one. I had gotten him many toys like trains and windup toys. I swinged by the toy shop to get him another little blue train, and now, it lay in its grassy graveyard along with the rest, its little gears and bolts scattered across the ground. Jarmid had long lost interest in it as he finished dismantling it only 10 minutes after I gave it to him.

Now, we finish reading Colorful Memories and we sit in the shade of a small tree. Jarmid seems to be reflecting on the story, probably understanding how privileged he is to have such a beautiful colorful coat and to be able to see it. We both lay still as we watch the Zennies and Kayokis practice flushing out small pests from the old warehouse. I stand up, motioning for Jarmid to pick up his mess and place the bits in the chest. The chest is where all the broken toys go, and usually those creatu who are inquisitive and manage to behave are rewarded with time to dig through the chest to build something.

For now, it is time to explore a little more. I take Jarmid and Piddler with me, as I usually swing by my showroom daily and Piddler always wants to see Breetos in his slot. Perhaps one of these days I will release my showroom to revive good old memories...

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9:53am Jun 3 2020

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I make my way over to the showroom, a large group of creatu tagging along behind me. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, not including the regular routine. I’ve compromised my morning to my zennies and tesuris. In the afternoon I promised my sirleons that I would take a dip with them in their newly renovated pond. Therefore, busy day.

I was taking my posse to the showroom to release their superiors from their paused state of living in order to encourage my juveniles a bit. It’s 8am bright and early, and my tesuris were more than excited to take a quick aerial spin around Scria. They yipped and spun and leapt off of one another as we trudged on.

After what seems like forever, we finally reach Scora Cloud and enter my showroom. I can hear the whispered oohs and ahhhs as my youngsters stride in and observe the magnificent creatu I have displayed here. As I lead them down the aisles, I can only feel their admiration for these matured creatu and some nostalgia as the eldest of my juveniles had known some of these adults beforehand. 

My SR has expanded a lot since I joined. I steal a glance over to where my iluvus are kept and grin at Piddler, who stands confidently in her slot, beside Breetos and 2 other iluvus. She definitely earned her spot with the rest. You may be wondering how in Res Piddler matured so quickly: she didn’t have to wait. I discovered the usefulness of the regression Ray and zapped quite a few of my juveniles since I thought they deserved the boost and also I felt like I was not going to be able to feed all these poor babies all the time. So those who truly wanted to be free for now I left them to age on their own. Even at that I made sure that I would not end up having a bunch of loose, uncared for juveniles in my warehouse being neglected. So I came up with a plan to make sure everyone can get the nourishment they need without having to wait so long. Most babies are also in my showroom, but they will have their chance to complete their training and spend time with me and explore all of Res. Every week I will be releasing a couple of species at a time in order to fulfill their bucket list and spend some time with me. Once their week is over, if they are satisfied, I shall let the RRay finish their growth process and stock them once more into their respective slots, only that they will be mature adults. This way, no one gets neglected and everyone will have a chance for adventure with me.

I finish filling the young ones in on the details and instruct my sirleons and zennies to stay here for the time being. I finish releasing their respective adults and round up my tesuris to start our first excursion of the day: early morning Scria flight. As we make our way up the rocky Scrian cliff side, my young tesuris get to know my older ones. My female baby nattie WingedBlossom immediately warms up to one of my female adults, IceBliss. She must love the way Bliss’ frostlight looks on her. IceBliss is also somewhat of a motherly figure, even though I don’t think she has ever mothered her own pups. Bliss is mostly quiet and keeps to herself, but upon meeting Blossom she seemingly takes her under her wing, literally. My male babies Turzax and Skysor team up with my other two males, Loaz and KuroComet. Comet is quiet and thoughtful, but he can be playful as well. Loaz on the other hand, is all the prankster, which seems appealing to Skysor because they immediately start to scheme a good way to scare the wits out of the rest. Turzax falls into step beside Comet, admiring his shiny black coat. He has been a bit disappointed lately since I decided to christen him my nattie tesuri. He wishes only to be a different color, anything but natural. Hopefully Comet can help him see how valuable he can be as a nattie. The last pair I am truly surprised to see since it was the least expected: TibblesNBits, my sepia female teen, enjoys the company of my rose adult, ConspiracyTheorist. Connie, as I call her, is very outspoken and headstrong. She won’t stand down and is very extroverted, which makes her very different from any other tesuri. This often times gets her into trouble, but she never means any harm. Tibs on the other hand, is in my opinion the shyest tesuri pup I have ever met. It makes me happy to see them forget these bonds as they will complement and learn something from each other…

We prepare for liftoff, and it is then I realize that I completely forgot to release my Drindian, my only source of aerial transport. I sigh, clearly bummed out by this. I motion for my tesuris to fly off without me, explaining that I will catch up in a short while. Most of the pack starts off, but I notice Comet hesitate and head over to me. He sits and whines, wanting me to ride him instead. I laugh, only proud I own such a self-sacrificing creatu. I shake my head, knowing that even with my small frame I will surely be too heavy for my beloved tesuri. He seems deep in thought when suddenly he barks at Turzax, telling him something. Turzax gazes longingly at the sky where the rest fly in loops but stays beside me. Comet disappears for a few minutes. I’m about to send Turzax up with the rest when a rather large drindian lands in front of us. Comet yips happily at me.

Now I fly on top of this generous wild drindian adult as I watch my tesuris perform their long-awaited aerial stunts. After a couple hours, I can finally check off one event from the day’s to-do list. The youngsters have not had this kind of energy-zapping adventure before and have to be loaded on to the drin to avoid falling mid flight because of their drowsiness. We arrive at the showroom and I offer the drindian a well-deserved meal after his generous act and see him off. Perhaps next week I shall take my own Scrian avians for a nice flight.

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