For my best friend, Veraz.

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10:19pm Sep 22 2010 (last edited on 8:57pm Sep 27 2010)

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~We are fast cars, in the cold night.. breaking radars-- out of sight~

Like an autumn leaf fallen from the tree, the colors of your friendship fell before my feet.
I glared on to this tiny seed, who knew it could grow to be a wonderful friendship, beating the weeds that troubled us.
Like a grain of sand in the vast sea, there is only a wall of space that blocks you from me.
I picked up the tiny leaf, held in my hand-- I knew this was meant to be.
A cold moon and a blazing sun, the elements combine on one special night, the fun is held into our own special trine.
The laughter that rains from our strong bond, I can only say is worth only one thing..
You are my best friend.


Mal, I dedicated 93749475(more like an hour) of time from my corner of life for you. 
Do you know why.
Because you are the best ss in the whole world.  
The lord blessed me with you and a just want you to know that ILY and always will, ss.


8:56pm Sep 27 2010

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