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11:28am Jun 17 2017

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Hatching. Its a weird thing. One moment your in a warm, dark egg, the next your in the cold bright noisy world. Looking upwards, I see an angry woman, with a worn out brown dress, long strait black hair, thin framed glasses, huge lips, and dark eye bags. "ANOTHER NATURAL" she booms. "I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A BETTER COLOR SO I COULD SELL THIS PEICE OF JUNK FOR SOME TU!". I can tell she's very mad, so I drop my head and tail and whimper. " stupid natural zenirix..." She muttered as she grabed me tight around the snout and chucked me into the showroom with out a name.

The showroom is also a weird place. A bright showcase with hundreds ( maybe thousands ) of other creatu. Seeing a big, sparkly with stardust albino vaspi, I run over with dozens of other creatu running over to see too. Walking up to it, I ask, "excuse me sir, bit where am I?" It says in return, "this is the showroom. Mostly unwanted creatu go in here before they are pushed away into the Atqueen Forest." I stared at him then said, "does that mean your unwanted?" He replied "oh no, I'm an albino, not to mention stardust, she just can't afford to feed me." You realize that your unwanted, after all, your a natural common creatu. What would it be like in the Atqueen Forest? You open your mouth to ask more, but then a young and wild habersaur kicks you away. 

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