Betty and Tod

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2:13pm Jul 3 2017

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Skipping up to the mountain tops
May seem hard, and not thought
But the girl skipping is not distraught
The dog by her side, wagging its tail
Trips on a rock, weak and frail
The girl helps its up with a breaking grin
The dog stands up to lick her chin
Of they go, again to the end
To deliver a basket, of muffins of red
Up they skip, happy as can be
For what seems, longer then a week
But they haven't noticed the time go by
Taking their time to sniff flowers and chase butterflies
Finally, the top is quite near
Then a strange howling sound, they hear
A wolf suddenly jumps from the top
But the pair still sees no distraught
The wolf chases them back all the way down
And the wolf runs back up without a frown
The girl and dog turn and stare
Grinning, the girl cheers
"Now we can skip back up again!"
So again they go, up to the top
And grin and grin, smilling abroad
The girl, called Betty and her dog Tod
You see, when the wolf knocks you down
Just run back up and live happy for the rest of your days!
Be the girl and the dog
Just go on with life!

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