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12:36am Apr 8 2017 (last edited on 12:38am Apr 8 2017)

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Life can't get any worse. I'm here, alone, away from all the people I know. I could get killed any second now. I'm freaking out. But let me start from the beggining.
Chapter 1
I'm Sean Smith, a cool 17 year old. I have an insane twin brother, Dean Smith. He's only 17 but he's already doing drugs and drinking. He eventually got insane and murdered our class mate, Karena Williams. He was supposed to be sent to the Insane Asylum/Prison. I heard its awful there. But The really bad thing is, we look exactly alike, sometimes its fun when pranking people, but its the opposite of fun right now. You see, the police got the wrong guy, ME! So now I'm here, and Dean's still out there, hurting people and being insane. 
Chapter 2 
*heavy breathing* OK...left or right? Well, rights always right, so here I go...
Phew...a mouse. 
*mouse squeals and runs through an unusually large mouse hole in the wall*
Huh? Could I fit? *gets on all fours and crawls through hole*
Huh...? Is this a...tunnel!? *follows mouse*
Where are you taking me little buddy? *mouse turns left and scurries through another hole* 
Hmmm...left, with the mouse, or right, in the brighter tunnel...
The brighter the better, it could be the way out.
*goes through right tunnel*
Hmm a room already? *looks around small room with only a lit torch on the wall and another tunnel*
A lit torch? Who could have lit it? *gasp* another tunnel!
*crawls through other tunnel*
Let me know if you want to know what happens to Sean next!


4:20pm Apr 10 2017

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11:39am Apr 26 2017

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Subbing ^^

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe FNaF group.\r\n

11:43am Apr 26 2017

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\r\nI\'m 8 years old and I\'m very kooky and I love to build Lego sets\r\nAnd play roblox
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