A Jolly Resmas Carol

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5:53pm Dec 6 2016


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For full enjoyment of the following, I'd encourage you to imagine or read it aloud to the tune of 'Good King Wenceslas'


Guardian Palora looked out,
On her dear Atquati,
Snow fell beautiful and light,
Much like leaping Narwi.
Moonlight danced upon the seas,
Beauty spread for miles,
Filling all those present there
Full of festive smiles.

Something, though, did seem amiss.
Soon, Palora sighted
An Ahea in the snow,
Lost and cold and frightened.
Palora decreed, "This won't stand.
Lost in winter's chills?
This Ahea clearly needs
Some festive good will."

Thus she took the lost soul in,
For which he did thank her.
The Ahea said, "Why, I'm
Sorry for the bother."
Kind Palora waved it off,
"Nonsense, it is my job
To look after my people,
Be they hurt, troubled or lost."

Once the storm had gone away,
The Ahea set back
Out into the snow; the storm,
He sure was glad to lack.
Resmas did draw nearer still,
The Guardian was content.
One night, though, she was surprised
To recieve a present.

The Ahea from before
Returned to his saviour.
He'd brought with him a small gift,
To return the favour.
Inside was a water flower,
Beauteous, soft and blue.
"Many thanks for helping me,"
"And happy holidays to you."

Nothing quite like a good deed
In the festive season.
But there doesn't have to be
A specific reason.
Go, my friends, spread smiles and heart
Throughout Rescreatu.
And decree, near, far and wide,
"Merry Resmas to you!"
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