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10:23am Oct 22 2010 (last edited on 11:51am Oct 22 2010)

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Omg, heckyes. Tld has wandered out from the RP boards and has come to terrorize bring joy post her stories onto... here. 
Little Warning
Tld has been inspired by some very nice songs c: Mainly by David Choi, dang he's good at singing songs -.- So, sorry if any of my stories sound like yours/someone you know/whatever in any way, because I don't mean to :c I just read Inna's whole plagiarism rant, and I am scared... -shiver- And my stories will vary. Some will be long, some will continue, some will sound like very long poems. Heck, I don't know. When I came here I just was like 'I should totally write for some reason...' And don't expect all of them to be crazy :/ I'm a little sappy at times. 
So Bring Forth Da Sappy Stories!
... Yeahh.... Getting to that. 
Little Story #1:
Wishes are Just for Little Kids 
I sit by my bed, watching the stars as they twinkle innocently. The moon refuses to show her full face to me, leaving me in the pitch black darkness of the night, alone with the stars. I sigh, the thoughts of him worming their way into my mind. He's been gone for a long time, so long that his face had begun to fade from my memory. But his cheery grin still remains embedded in my mind, and his laugh whenever I made a joke still rings in my ears. Something surges to my chest, where my heart should be. Instinctively, my hands leap up to protect it, but the pain is jabs at it, first like a stab from a dagger, then fading away to a dull pain. Doing my best to ignore the thud of my heart, I look up at the night sky, wondering if I could see his face. I shake my head, knowing my wishes won't come true. My eyes somehow flicker to the street, expecting a certain someone on the road, grinning in a painfully familiar way. I hit myself on the head as the pain shoots up to my heart again. 'Stupid, stupid!' I think, ashamed of myself. Of course he won't come, he's gone. Gone, even the most intense feelings I have for him won't bring him back. "He's out of my reach even when he was here, anyway." I say hopelessly to myself, to discourage the feelings that kept coming back. Going out with her, the popular girl, the beauty. 'They made a great pair.' I tell myself viciously, as the pain came back when I remembered seeing them together, hand-in-hand. Something wet drips down my cheek. I raise a shaking hand to touch it. Tears? I sigh, remembering the look of concern on his face the last time I cried, two years ago. 'Go away. Don't show me that face. Not when I'm like this.' I think, as I feel two more water droplets inching down my face. My long, black hair shrouds my face, covering my crying eyes, though they cannot hide the small sobs. I look back up at the sky, though my eyes flicker back again to the empty street below me, now blurry because of the tears. I shake my head. 'It's hopeless. Even now...' I look up at the stars, still shining through the thick blanket of the night. A childish thought springs to my mind. I resent it almost immediately, but then give a defeated shrug. 'I'm desperate anyway.' I tell myself, my hands cupping my mouth, covering it as I whisper words to the stars. "Please, please, please... Just let me see one more smile... Hear one more laugh from him... Just once, I won't even bother him." I promise, then pause, looking back down almost expectantly at the street. Nothing. I shake my head, a sad smile on my face. "Of course. Wishes are just for little kids..." I tell myself hopelessly, closing the curtains to block out the small spots of light the stars bring. 
Song/Poem #1
Kind of a little teaser, more like a reminder for me to finish it up -.-
Watching you from afar in my desk
I wonder how you do it, 
 How you laugh with so much joy,
Maybe this is a crush, boy.
Perhaps if I held your hand,
Perhaps if I felt your warmth,
We could have had a chance,
Rolling the dice of emotions.

...Guh. This was my first story, so please don't judge too hard x.x It's also based on myself... Oh, boohoo for Tld, yes. So, feedback? -gets cardboard shield- 


11:18am Oct 22 2010

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 Love it! Great job! It is kind of sad...Or a little more then kind of.

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