"Fight me like a man!"

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6:40pm May 10 2017 (last edited on 6:41pm May 10 2017)

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You walk along the bustling streets of New York, New York. You spot the train stop you were told to meet at. You walk over and glance around. Where is he? You wonder. You had received a note the day before saying:
Meet me at the train station, midnight sharp, and I will reveal where it is, but beware, you'll have to fight for it. Frightened, yet brave, you yell "come and fight me like a man!" You suddenly regret even coming here as a man dressed in a black tribly, a very long leather coat, and tall black boots, with dark brown trousers hanging over. button black eyes, ear-length brown hair, and a cigarette in his mouth, steps out from the train. "So your Casey Young?" He says in a raspy whisper. "Uhhh y-yes, I'm C-Casey" you say in a shaky voice. "Good" he replys, "if you want the mutt that bad, then you'll fight".

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