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3:43am Jan 20 2018

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I LOVE seeing users getting really excited and showing off their favourite pets,

This is a place to flaunt them and maybe even talk about why they're so special. 


A few prompt questions if you want to use them: 

*Does the name/ pet have a special meaning to you? 
*If you could get it OAKed what would it look like?


Note: remember these are peoples most precious pets and probably won't sell them 


3:43am Jan 20 2018 (last edited on 4:00am Jan 20 2018)

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My pixel babies 

wow I've got a lot of pets that mean a lot to me :'D 
I could probably go on about all of my pixel babies but i'll try and keep this short... or at least spread it out xD 

Yinalbino adult

Yin and yang 

These guys are just <3333 

I adore them and everything they stand for. 
The philosophy behind Yin Yang and "balance" is something that I've struggled with for many many years, particularly within my self as a person. 
I'm terrible at explaining my feelings so i'll spare you my ramblings and leave it at that xD (Unless you're interested in which case I'll try to go into more details lel) 

(named for Inferno (the Divine Comedy), not the Devil may cry Dante) 

My gosh this story 
talk about redemption

The closest I've managed to get to the name Emma. 

In 2016 one of my best friends passed away suddenly. 
Her name is Emma and I still feel empty.
Again I won't go on or I'll be here for hours aha, but yeah this one's special and an Otachie's perfect. 


3:43pm Jan 21 2018

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vaguely gestures @ my children 8I

i mean there's a bunch of more that i love, but i'd rather not write a book. xD


3:46pm Jan 21 2018

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This is encardeon <3 He's my first ever Ivik and he was a gift from a lovely friend c': Obtaining an ivik was one of my only goals for so long, so he's really special to me <3

Clementh <3 While the pet isn't anything fancy, the name means a lot. It's not the name I'm going for, but apparently it's my great grandfathers full name <3 I was super thrilled to find that his full name wasn't taken, and all I have are good memories of him.

And finally, Richochete ! This silly derpy bunny was hatched by my wonderful partner and he gave him to me <3 So the pet has a special place in my heart c':

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