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8:58pm Oct 23 2018 (last edited on 9:12pm Oct 23 2018)

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I'm having trouble learning how to post images on forum posts. Or how to delete forum posts? I would like to show some examples of my art work on here but can't figure out how for the life of me :'D

Edit: I'm getting closer but the image appears to be broken? Oof what a world, what a world.
Self porrait by Nicusie
Edit: Omg guys look I think I did it. Anyways, here's a full body self portrait of myself. Can't figure out why the quality went down when I posted to deviantart but here we are.

Anyways, here's the rest of the work I wanted to originally showcase on this post:
Keroshane by Nicusie

Lemonade the Dutchie by Nicusie

Kid with a Jar by Nicusie

Thank you guys for coming to my Ted Talk and watching me struggle with links and forum etiquette. I hope you all come again soon, and if you are interested in a commission, R-Mail me and we can get something arranged!
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