Thinking of doing art commissions

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1:05pm May 18 2018 (last edited on 3:00pm May 18 2018)

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Hey y'all so I'm thinking of doing an Art Commission...but I don't know what people would pay for my art, or if they would pay at all.
I guess I'm decent with art when it comes to animals. Not really good with humans...I've been making animal art in my Art Thread recently and I'm wondering people like that style or not. Here are some of my examples:

Mystical Pup Baby:
Mountain ViewMountain View
Mystical Pup Adult:
Mountain View
Mountain ViewMountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View
There's a mix of shaded and flat in there so just separate the prices of how much the shaded and how much the flat would be. I guess the Dragosea examples would be best to look at for flat and full on shaded and lighting.
Would people like art similar to this style? How much would the art be worth if it was a good style?


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10:08pm May 18 2018

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What program do you use btw for art ?

(Not to be rude or anything at all I swear please don't take anything in the wrong way!!)

I ask what program you're using because most art programs you have layers.
And layers are very useful when it comes to coloring.
When using layers usually you create a new layer UNDER the outline layer and then color.
Only reason I ask about layers/programs is because some of these looks like a paint bucket tool was used directly on the outline layer.
Mainly on the Mystical Pups, Reindoe, and the Dragsea!
You can see white around the edges on the inside.

Also another thing I have noticed with your work that when you color something use BLACK. Like the color of the outline black. So then it just kind of blends in..hard to see the outline. When doing black you want to make it a little lighter. Like the black Ophear! Its not too dark!

Thats just a little bit of critique to help you in future art!

So your shading comes off as cartoony/poppy! Which isn't bad honestly I do enjoy the Ophears!
There are a few spots in the black ophear tho that you can notice that shading needs to get cleaned up a bit - x
Also on this one it doesn't look like shading was added to the back fin. Like the bottom part. The light shading is there but no dark shading. It just looks flat.

I really like the flat shading on this one - x
Could use a bit of work yet but it doesn't look cartoony. And it could use some light shading as well! But its a nice flat shading!

Again cartoony/poppish is fine for shading if that's what you're going for!
I do suggest making the light shading a little darker...its so white. But making it darker could in turn make it look more flat shaded as well. Maybe not so cartoonish and poppy idk it'd have to be done to see the difference haha.

I think the Flaring is pretty good! Lines a bit too thick and the fire seems a little off in shading but otherwise pretty good!

So come to pricing.

I'm not very good at pricing art because it can be different for everyone. It all depends on how much a person would want to pay.

If you sold just lineart I'd say maybe like 5-10mil ?

Flat colored maybe 15-20mil ??

Shaded maybe 25-30mil ??

I hope this all made sense and helped you out ?? xD
Again none of it was meant to sound rude!!!


10:22pm May 18 2018

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I have a wacom and I use layers but the shading layer would have to go on top since I use paint bucket for the coloring in. The light shading I use a glow feature so ya lol it kind of does make it a bit white looking.

Thanks for the art suggestions! These are my first drawings on pc so I'm looking to improve. I might use that pricing though since it seems accurate. But thank you again for your honesty! I need to see if I can try that shading you suggested.

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7:03pm May 19 2018


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Another point: when you shade, there's almost never a reason to use straight black. It muddies the base color and makes it look weird.

Here's a few examples and tutorials

[1] [2] [3] [4]

Also, if you use a standard art program to draw (SAI, FireAlpaca, etc) then you should be able to change and lock a layer's opacity. If you play around with it you can tone down the highlights and locking it lets you take any pen and recolor something.

Playing around with the tools given to you is the best way to get a leg up!

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