Rainbow's commissions!

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6:21pm Aug 10 2018

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Hey Everyone!
So I'm a very causal artist but I'm able to give some time to do some commissions for anyone interested for either TU and or creatus.
I do both creatus or people, or original creatures/people as long as I have some sort of reference to go off of. (like a deion or a image that shows what you are looking for)
Busts (mid-chest and up)= 5mil
Anything showing arms + hands and figures down to the lower waist = 10mil
Full figure (arms, legs, whole package) = 15mil

animal or creatures 
full body = 6mil
anything less than a full body can be haggled for lower.

^ all include basic shading, and highlighting. Any extra detailing (like 'glowing effects or alternate light casting) = +50k
All prices can be haggled for lower or be changed based on possible pets being traded. All these are flexible and can be altered just rmail me :)
below are examples of some work I've done.


Twirl Twirl Twirl

6:38pm Aug 10 2018 (last edited on 6:52pm Aug 10 2018)

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Can I get Anything showing arms + hands and figures down to the lower waist = 10mil with two characters... so 10 times 10=20 million
Can you draw akko (https://goo.gl/images/SbHKvv) with Diana (https://goo.gl/images/Zn6Gd6)? I would like akko to be hugging her and smiling at Diana as Diana is looking shy (blushing) but she is smiling!

Can I also get two separate drawings of animals so 6*6=12 million
- Can you draw a black liyure for me?
I would like you to draw her drawn with a witch hat like akko’s and her playing with a baby blonde Vaspi (plus 1 million)

-can you draw a teen ginger valabex 
This is her pet page:http://www.rescreatu.com/petpages/?id=3139887 please use the drawing as a reference. Pose is free to your imagation!

So this should be covered since 20+12+=32 million!


10:11pm Sep 16 2018

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Your art is so pretty!! :D

5:16pm Feb 17 2019 (last edited on 5:22pm Feb 17 2019)

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Heres my traditional art examples!

Twirl Twirl Twirl

5:21pm Feb 17 2019

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Can I get a traditional drawing?
I would like these two together 
Fullbody/colored/no shading/extra character!
Does 30 million sound cool?

Here are the references:

Let me know if you need more pics?
You can also just search the anime, little witch academia and find pictures of them!


4:08pm Jun 23 2019

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I'm interested in your work, please rmail me to discuss details!


8:24pm Nov 27 2019

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I would love some digital artwork from you!

Could you do something similar to the kioka above but for my Sepia Ivik, Broomstick?
If possible could you draw him on a broomstick (with a glow) wearing a gryffindor scarf??

Let me know!! <3

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