Pricing and Interest Check.

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6:00pm Nov 15 2020 (last edited on 7:02pm Nov 15 2020)

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Hey folks. I don't usually frequent Res much these days, but I am still doing my art thing.
After doing a freebie it was suggested I should open up commissions, but before I set up shop I decided I should get some help figuring how many folks would want some of my art/general interest in its style, as well as price range.

Ideally I would be looking to charge USD for commissions, and be less inclined on taking tu offers as I'm not around enough to utilize it. That being said, if the piece is interesting enough I may be willing to concede.

Without further adieu, here are some examples of my art and I look forward to hearing what you guys think. :)
(PS. I tried to offer a decent variety of finished, sketch, and lined/flat images. If you want more examples, rmail me for my twitter.)


6:08pm Nov 15 2020


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Hey! I'll be sending you an RMail with my thoughts. See you there!


6:28pm Nov 15 2020

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Very much appreciated, Ezio!

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