Price my art? [Interested in opening commissions

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3:14am Mar 27 2017 (last edited on 3:18am Mar 27 2017)

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(under construction)

Hi guys. I'm looking to reach some of my in-game goals so I was thinking about opening up art commissions. I haven't been on Res for a long time so I don't know how much my stuff is worth. 

If I opened commissions would any one be interested in them? I mainly draw humans/character art, but I'm sure I can extend my work to creatures/animals :) 

Character headshot/profile:

Bust (cell-shaded):

Full-body (big):

5:33pm Apr 17 2017

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I most definitely would be interested in a commission your art is beautiful!


4:37pm Apr 27 2017

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@Cheza awesome! Do you know how much I should probably charge for my work? I spend anywhere from 2-6 hours on a piece depending on the difficulty.


10:57pm May 17 2017

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If it's any help, I charge per hour, and 25mil is worth about 5 dollars of cash points I believe?  I haven't been around for a while so it might have changes.  I would def charge at least that.


4:49pm Aug 30 2017

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Thank you both @Sagitaurus and @Cheza! 

If you're interested in a commish I finally opened up a shop. :) 

10:49pm Nov 24 2017

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OMG I luv! id charge 20-30mil for them

Be sure to check out my forums, show room, auctions, rancher shop, and trades. You just might find something you want! ;)
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