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4:07pm Jul 9 2017 (last edited on 4:08pm Jul 9 2017)

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Posts: 185 is my DA. I draw mostly wolves right now but eventually, there will be a mix of things.

5:42pm Jul 15 2017

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Posts: 45
I don't use my DA a whole lot, though. Too lazy.


2:25am Aug 13 2017

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Posts: 2
Creepy stuff. Cute stuff. Not that perv yet. Pretty much manga style and not enough appreciated yet.

1:16pm Aug 14 2017

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Posts: 1
I mostly do things for groups and my group

4:50pm Aug 30 2017 (last edited on 4:50pm Aug 30 2017)

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Posts: 14
Mine :)

Mostly character & landscape paintings. My style is all over the place OTL

7:12pm Sep 27 2017

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Posts: 30

4:53pm Oct 28 2017

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Posts: 2

I'm fairly active on my DA (digital paintings, traditional colored pencil drawings and pixel art)


11:49am Dec 31 2017

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Posts: 7 I'm new to art but I draw quite often.

Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon, and each month he cries for a love he will never touch.

7:41pm Jul 19 2018

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Posts: 29 I know this forum is a bit old, but I figured I could still post my DA <3


8:02pm Aug 7 2018

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Posts: 8
Sure, I'll share! Mine's Phantomania.


6:55pm Nov 17 2018

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Posts: 1


10:12pm Jan 18 2019

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Posts: 2

1:19pm Feb 10 2019

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Posts: 1

I draw mostly pokemon and furry stuff (though I am trying to make a comic too).

11:20am Mar 11 2019

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Posts: 29

Here is mine! I mainly do creatu that aren't actual creatu or just random outfits. I do credit people though.

4:58pm Mar 12 2019

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Posts: 25
Here's mine, I do a lot of character portraits and skulls, I'm trying to get into animation and maybe comic making but we'll see: java:nicTemp();

3:44pm Jan 5 2020

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Posts: 1
Mostly do Humanoid/ Character custom design art

1:00am Jul 10 2020

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Posts: 214

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