Paying 50+ milion in tu/pets/stuff for art commissions. ;o

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1:20pm Jan 9 2018

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If you could just leave a link/portfolio with some samples I will get back to you!  They're for very celestial/spacey characters (females) so keep that in mind. (they're not furries or animals)

I prefer certain styles so please take no offense if you don't hear from me.  I'm looking for several versions of each character so I will probably contact a few people (if anyone responds to my post lol)

The payment is flexible, can be more or less than 50mil (per piece), can be in pets/items, possibly some of my showroom names depending on what you're interested in.  Price will probably not be an issue, so whatever is fair to you is fair to me.

So yeah, show me some stuff. ;o

4:38pm Jan 13 2018

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Hi! :D
i just opened my commissions!
love if you check it out :P


6:43pm Jun 21 2018

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Are you still looking for art? :)
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