Need Help with Pricing for Comissions

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11:36am May 22 2018

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So, I'm thinking of opening up commissions, the only problem I have is that I'm terrible at pricing things. They're either too cheap or too expensive unless I already have a basis to go off of (i.e. pet sales, but even then)... So, I need some help with figuring out how much my art would be worth! I have several examples of what I can do/offer. Thank you in advance for the help!

Complex Shading w/ Simple Background

Complex Shading w/ No Background or Transparent

Portraits and Mugshots

Small Images/Pixels


Talk "Sprites"


7:44am May 23 2018

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I would go for the easy ones for like 5m and the more complicated and long that it takes to do it, the more money you will ask for. Just my opinion.
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