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11:24pm Jan 7 2020 (last edited on 11:35pm Jan 7 2020)


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would people be interested in buying lineart of CS pets like this? I don't love colouring but always feel the need to colour in order to sell things lol.
Should I just flat colour them according to buyer's preference once each lineart is sold? Or can i just sell as is? What would be an appropriate price? Thanks!!

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11:27pm Jan 7 2020


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me!!! o:


11:35pm Jan 7 2020

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Super nice art. I believe people would definitely buy!

10:04pm Apr 24 2020

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I would definitely be interested in commissioning you for something like this! This is incredible!


11:29pm May 27 2020

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hell yea these would be gorgeous petpage arts as-is!! if you feel its easier to draw
more pieces if you dont colour them, id say go for it bc people'll love your art whether its coloured or jus lineart :0 (also one cool 'theme' with similar pieces is to do a solid body colour, like gray, but with couple small bits of accent colours (a couple stripes and eyes, for example)

even as lineart, your work imho easily goes to the 50-100m upper range! A++

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