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8:45pm Oct 10 2016 (last edited on 8:46pm Oct 10 2016)

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Checking interest in pixel commissions. 

Let me know if these are something you'd like, what you'd probably pay for them, 
and if you'd like something different, what?

The examples below are from FR commissions. The larger ones are within the last 2 months or so. :)

(also let me know if this posted in the wrong place!)



10:28pm Oct 13 2016

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I'd probably pay 15-20mil for your art <3
It's sho beautiful 8)


11:39pm Nov 7 2016

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*stares in awe*

oh man.. depending on complexity, 15-20m should be absolute minimum! 

can't even imagine how much work goes into these. gorgeous work! BU


10:49am Nov 22 2017

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Soo cool, I luv em!

Be sure to check out my forums, show room, auctions, rancher shop, and trades. You just might find something you want! ;)

6:02am Nov 23 2017

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Ah wow :o 
I'd say 20mil plus!

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