Help me price my art?

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2:26pm Mar 16 2019

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Hey guys! 
I'm looking for some help in pricing my art here. I'm planning on making moving drawings every now and then on the site and would love some advice on how much I should ask for it.

This is what I made regarding rescreatu so far:



2:53pm Mar 16 2019

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Moving animated coloured -50 - 60 mil easily 

Large animated coloured - only if your interested ! - highly depending on the amount of the image they wish to be animated I would add an extra 10mil for every part they wished to be animated for example if they wanted the eyes to blink - 80mil  for a large coloured Rescreatu then an extra 10mil for the eyes being animated 
Large outlined coloured Rescreatu I feel is worth about 80 mil I’d happily pay that amount or more for the beauitful lyiure you drew ! I’m also just trying to work around easily affordable prices !

Payment aulternatives - highly depending on your own opinion on this however more people would be interested if you had an aulternative payment such as Cp or maybe even pet trades :3 converting prices into cp can be hard since it changes but the current cp rate is 700k per 1 cp 

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3:51pm Mar 16 2019

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Thanks for writing it down again Sliced! Really, really appreciate the advice <3

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