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3:33pm Sep 22 2019

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So I'm fairly new to Rescreatu and I found out this place has quite the art community! I'm a furry artist that loves to draw strange creatures and cyborgs! My art typically ranges from $5 for sketches to $100 for heavily detailed works! Thanks to some new friends I found out that's 5mil tu to 100mil tu! I realize that I can actually afford some things on my wishlist if I traded art for that stuff so I'll try and open some commissions!

The second piece of featured art here is of my fursona, Asylum! She's the robot bird with a black and white pet microraptor named Nova. ^^
Please do not take any art I posted here for your personal use. I worked hard on it.

My deviant art gallery: java:nicTemp();

My sketch work, worth $5 or 5mil tu (not found on my da gallery): 

Robot Creature

My shaded color, lined work, worth $15-25 or 15mil-25mil tu:

Robot Furry Art

My painted style work, worth $35-$100 or 35mil-100mil tu (this piece is actually worth $125 and I made it for a friend):

Furry Wallpaper

I hope you all enjoy viewing my art!! I put in a lot of work on learning during my free time and I always aim to improve. ^^ I'll be interested in opening commissions later this week so stay on the lookout for a open commissions post from me! Also I apologize for the format of this post, I'm not well versed in forum posting. ^^'
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