November 23, 2018 - Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful players! While not everyone on Rescreatu celebrates Thanksgiving on the same day, we would like to take a moment and say "Thank You!" to all of you for being a part of our family. We are grateful you are here, and for your continued support of our site.

To show our gratitude, we are releasing a few very special limited edition items into our shops! They'll be there until November 30th so make sure you get yourself one of these wonderful items before they disappear.

What Are YOU Grateful For?

In celebration of our latest feature release, we will be restoring the function of the Planet Mirror to allow its owner to change planets frequently. We will let you know when the re-coding is complete, but until then please continue to enjoy the planet candles and permits! 

Leave a comment below this update to tell us what you're grateful for, be it Rescreatu related or otherwise, and you'll be entered in a drawing to receive one of these very special Planet Mirrors! Like all the planet mirrors, it will be account locked once you receive it, so if your desire is to sell it, please contact support staff. Only one will be handed out, so good luck!
Entries close November 24th 11:59pm

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Koopa - November 25, 2018
Thankful for my dog, she helps me get up in the morning! I am also very thankful for my best friend Sam, whom without I don't know what I'd do. He's literally a lifesaver.
Voidbringer - November 24, 2018
I've been very grateful for the uderstanding and acceptance towards my transgender mother, who's going to have face surgery in December. She's come out to work and family, and so far only her side job (which she does soley for pleasure) has seemed iffy on it. There are so many people who don't get the acceptance/understanding they deserve, so we've been very lucky and grateful
ErisedMoonstone65 - November 24, 2018
I am grateful that I am in good health, that I have a supportive family, that I have everything that I could ever need despite life being a ton of bricks on me right now because I know some people don't have them and they're in worse situations than me so I am thankful.
Albion - November 24, 2018
Silence, just for a few golden moments I hear nothing, so surprising it is almost scary, 'I have tinnitus.
Fuzzball_NZ - November 24, 2018
I am thankful for my partner and daughter, who reminds me everyday that life is worth living and enjoying one day at a time.. even if she refuses to have her naps :P
omnoms - November 24, 2018
prolly like a lot others here, im grateful for all the awesome peeps ive met from through my kiddo years to all the way growing up into a person i am today. all these wonderful peeps helped me along the journey and i have no idea where id be without them!! good peeps all around yo >:3c
Witchy - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my health. I am by no means "healthy"....but my body has remained strong despite all damage done.
Keith - November 23, 2018
I'm thankful for the amazing friends I've made in life who have helped keep me going through difficult times, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to do the same for them. ❤
Rae - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my family and my mother's recovery after her brain surgery. I'm grateful for the support from the community she lives in so she never has to be alone or sad. I'm grateful for my friends and the positive influence they are in my life. I'm grateful for my emotional strength so that I can help my mom be strong as well. I'm grateful for modern medicine and the second chance it has given my mom. I'm grateful for my idiot fur baby Edgar, who has let me squish him during times when I have wept.
Drenn - November 23, 2018
Im thankful for my parents who are always there for me. They support me and have always guided me and given me a push when i needed it.
Vol - November 23, 2018
My gratitude for self love is immense and that is what I have pondering this season as we take an introspective look into our lives. Suicidal thoughts and actions used to plague my mind and well-being. Not feeling loved. Being fed up with the course of life. Over the past few years working on myself and my mental health has given me so much happiness and so much to grateful for. I still have my ups and downs but I don't let my downs tear apart my perception and control my mood. If you see this comment and are having problems dealing with suicide I urge you to call 1-800-273-8255 and talk to someone. You are not alone <3
Kelpie - November 23, 2018
I’m greatfull for my horse, Reifur! I’ve waited so long, and worked so hard to be able to have him in my life, and every second I spend with him is worth it!
graydaffodil - November 23, 2018
Dear Resgiving, There are so many things to be grateful for, but today I choose to write about my relationships with people. I have always had trouble maintaining good, positive relationships with people in my life (I'm very introverted and anti-social) and being in the military has thoroughly challenged me in this department. However, despite being overseas or across the country, the strain of the military has made me value the people in my life so much more. It has made me realize how much I need the ones I care for, and changed the way I behave for the better. I make more of an effort to text or email frequently with little blurbs, memories or whatever, and I try to send letters or packages a few times a year. I also set aside time every week to call someone I appreciate in my life. I am thankful for my own growth and for the people who have stuck by me for better or for worse. <3
Xanatos - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my life and for the doctors who have helped me to battle my mental illnesses and come out alive and with better coping skills. I'm thankful for my friends and family and my pets. I'm thankful for all of the support and love I've received over the years.
Vivi - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for the life that my children, husband, and myself are able to have. I just recently miscarried on the 8th and it opened my eyes to one of the things that most people overlook during our day-to-day running arounds. Not everyone is given that chance to live. For some people that life is ended shortly after we are born, before we're able to take our first breath, or even before we have even developed the lungs that allow us that first breath. With how quickly I have experienced that life can be ended I am forever grateful that my family was able to make it this far in life. Through the first few hurdles of life and the other hardships we have endured, we have made it through 4, 6, 29, and 34 years and we are looking forward to many more together. RIP Fable Ehrhardt Valdez November 8, 2018 Our little untold short story
Shizen - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my husband. He got me out of my abusive family & is always there for me
Billbee - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for all of my family and friends. They have been there for me through all my ups and downs. Always with a positive word of encouragement and never judgemental. I love them all for that.
Ram - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my family, friends, and that I am close to being done with school!
TorWorthyUk - November 23, 2018
I’m greatfull for my new flat mates from joining UNI! It’s only been 2 months but they already feel like family :D
Trenthepunkid - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for my wonderful family, and everyone else who I consider family. I love you all <3
LilCoyote - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for the wonderful people both my kids have grown into. =]
Occultist - November 23, 2018
i'm incredibly grateful for all that's been happening in my life to lead up to allowing me to start working on becoming a professional concept artist <3
warhawk209 - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for having the precise set of circumstances come together to lead the life i have now.
Umbreon420 - November 23, 2018
The thing that I am thankful for the most it's my life. I have gone through many life threatening events. I was born not supposed to live due to many drugs in my body and being born a month premature. I have struggled with depression my whole life and have made several attempts at suicide; stabbing my self till I hit a main artery, I have tried to overdose on xtra strength pain pills, and much more. I even went through a windshield last year. So I would definitely say my life is what I'm most grateful for. I have gotten much better and am getting the help I so needed. I also would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving
SnowdropTea - November 23, 2018
Whoa, the new items look cool. Thank you for this chance, Res staffssss~ I am grateful for the fact that I can leave the hospital soon. I have to go in and out often and this time I'm here until end of next month, probably. I'm better than I was last year and I'm grateful for that too. Good luck everyone entering~
Crow - November 23, 2018
I am thankful for all of the opportunities involved with music I have had this year, and the amazing amount of time I've gotten to spend with my grandma, who I don't visit often. I am also thankful for my great friends, who have supported me and helped me to feel better when I was down, and encouraging me to get out and do more cool things, like sign up for clubs :)
XAllurcore - November 23, 2018
I'm thankful for my daughter being healthy and doing so well in 1st grade, she was so upset not being a Kindergartener anymore and not having her teacher again and kept saying she won't do well or like being in 1st grade, but after the first day she loved it and is doing so well, reading faster, doing so well she gets annoyed she has to read along with me reading with her in my head so I know she is reading right, lol. Also for family. ♥
ZiggyStardust - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my found family, they might not be the family I was born with but they've always been there for me
Lolli - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my family, especially my sister, for always supporting me and pushing me to do better :)
Titanium - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for having a happy healthy life! :D
Ceiyru - November 23, 2018
I'm thankful for my friends and family, and especially thankful for my pets as they help me out a lot.
wolfspirit25 - November 23, 2018
I'm thankful for my family new and old, the family I've had all my life growing up and the family I've gained this past year through marriage within my existing family. They're all wonderful.
NightmareKing - November 23, 2018
I'm thankful for my family because their amazing :D
Unicorn - November 23, 2018
I am thankful for family and friends who support each other through their struggles with mental health and self acceptance <3
jenny17 - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my family who has done so much and I'm grateful to all my friends I've made throughout the years.
Heterochromia - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for everyone that strives to make other people happy in anyway- big or small
Pandora99 - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for my family and friends as well as the lovely meal we will all play a part in making.
Kina - November 23, 2018
I’m grateful for being able to be with my family during the holidays. I’m grateful for my families health. I’m grateful for my husband Joey. I’m grateful for my bestfriend Dan. I’m grateful for Res and all the wonderful people I’ve met on here. I’m grateful for my furbabies. <3
Phoenix123 - November 23, 2018
For everyone here at res <3
Snakefly - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my parents who stood by and helped me for the solid month, including two weeks in which I had to stay alone in a hotel, wherein university were messing around about whether or not I could stay.
Ghosteez - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for how long I've been playing this game i love it to bits
Steampunk - November 23, 2018
I’m really grateful for all the wonderful friends and family in my life, Res and otherwise, and my amazing pets as well.
Assassin - November 23, 2018
I'm really grateful for my family and friends (both online and irl) for helping me adjust to my move back in August and helping to support me with my transition. <3
Dragiira - November 23, 2018
I'm so grateful for my family, friends, and all of the amazing support that I've had through the years. My teachers have been amazing and taught me so much, my parents are so encouraging and only want me to find my way in life, and my boyfriend is always there looking out for me. I'm also thankful that I found Rescreatu this year! It's such a beautiful community and coming on to talk to everyone is always a treat. Happy Thanksgiving and holidays and I hope that everyone has a wonderful year!
Heaven - November 23, 2018
My family and friends
Chaos - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for mine, my family, friend's, and cat's good health. That I'll be having a birthday on Res and RL, which will hopefully be awesome. That so many people on Res, are such good-hearted and try to help me with my problems. *hugs everyone* I love everybody on this site and I wish a Happy Holidays and Merry New Year. I also wish you good health for the remaining days of this year and next year, as well.
Hephzibah - November 23, 2018
Well, I got married last year. And I'm so grateful to my husband. I'm thankful for that. I'm also thankful for Res. :) I was feeling nostalgic about virtual pet games and then stumbled upon this site. The art is absolutely beautiful and intricate and I've never had so much fun with something "childlike" like this in a long time.
Lumo - November 23, 2018
I'm thankful I remembered this site from a long time ago, like 2003 to 2006 year range. It was fun looking for eggs then. I made this account for nostalgia. (I don't have my original account due to the email attached to it being deleted, the original account's details getting lost, and literally years has passed since I had last played)
VickyM - November 23, 2018
I am thankful that the staff of Res keep Res an exciting place to keep on coming back to
tututu - November 23, 2018
I still have time to play games :p
Acrimonious - November 23, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm really thankful for all my online friends that I've come to know and love. And without some of them, I don't think I'd be here today, honestly. That even if I didn't really have the full support I could get from my family, they were there to push me through and help shape me to who I am today. I'm also thankful to have someone who loves me unconditionally, someone who makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, someone who's at the same time a best friend a lover. I'm thankful for this life even after all the hardships it's given me, and I know there will always be hardships in the future. Oh, on the lighter note and less sappy, I'm thankful that Rescreatu's been up this entire time and I'm happy to be back. :) I'm glad that events like these still happen so as to engage the community more, no matter how small it may be now. It feels close and tight-knit, and that's perfectly fine with me. :)
Tory - November 23, 2018
I am thankful for my husband who is by my side at every time. Three months ago my mother died and so it's a very bad and sadly time for me at the moment. I am also thankful for my friends. They're there when I need them. I can talk with them about everything. We cry together, laugh ... So I want to say thank you for being there. I love you!
Wanderland - November 23, 2018
Im greatful for my family and friends and tiding me through this year!
Pegasus - November 23, 2018
I am thankful that I have a family who is incredibly supportive of me and loves me very much. I am thankful that my boyfriend is always at my horse shows and that he is so understanding and easy to talk to. I appreciate that he tries to see my point of view. Thank you to my coaches who believe in me. 💜💜
dphne - November 23, 2018
I am thankful for my friends and family, who have been a wonderful support to me this past year whilst I was writing my thesis. This was a really rough period and I could count on so many people to lift me up.
Neurotic - November 23, 2018
I’m greatful to my kitties who are like my children. My amazing mom who’s been there for me for everything
legitimate - November 23, 2018
Grateful for the friends I've made here at Res, who've remembered and taken care of me for as long as I've played. <3
XerxesTexasToast - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for my wonderful friends and family, my wonderful childhood, and life I've been lucky enough to live. I'm thankful that I was able to push through hard times. I'm thankful for all the wildly creative games I get to play and the artists that make them. Most relevant and least moving: I'm thankful for all the new mechanics and updates coming out on pet sites that I had once abandoned. It feels good to be back, and getting these new features feels like I'm being rewarded!
Paradoxfox - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for my family especially my mother for always been there through the trying times of my adolescence and medical issues. They have always tried their best to be there for me, even when it didn’t seem like it. I am also thankful all the really nice people here at rescreatu.com, y’all have been very kind in helping me learn the game, thank you <3
Jay - November 23, 2018
I'm so happy I have friends and family whom fully support me, and also let me be able to fully support them. I'm grateful for being able to express myself and do the things I'm passionate about. I'm also really happy to be able to get on my computer and speak with all you guys, or go play video games and do things when I get free time to enjoy myself <3 <3
AriaKaye1 - November 23, 2018
Kikenie - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for everyone and everything in my life, and I'm thankful for every day that I am alive. ♥
silverstar5311 - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for wifi, so I don't die from boredom Also food too because you can't eat wifi(yet)
SecretsOfTheShadows - November 23, 2018
I’m greatful that my parents are healthy and that we are able to laugh and chat without fighting. I am also thankful for being able to talk to and make friends on Res. I love the Res community and they make me feel welcomed!
Kalati - November 23, 2018
Kinda weird, but im pretty greatful for a lot of indie games that Ive been able to play these past few years. I used to only ever play one or two games before discovering them and I feel like Ive enriched...something in my life. I'm not as sad I mean lol. (Also yay those are cute thanksgiving items)
K - November 23, 2018
Im grateful for finally having friends i Can talk to
Silverstream94 - November 23, 2018
Im greatful for every day when my parents have the energy to hang out. They both live with chronic pain, so when I get to go play pokemon Go with them, it's a good day. I'm also greatful for the time I get to spend with my sibling playing videogames. We don't have much in common, and they are in a difficult time in their life when they don't really leave their room very often. So whenever I get to play Minecraft or Don't Starve with them, I enjoy it.
Aneleh - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for the nicest people I've met in Res; ther simpathy and charisma. Also I'm grateful about my Father who teached me Art, History, Prehistorical History, Art History and a lot of more things that made me who I am nowadays. I'm grateful for my boyfriend who understands at first glance what I was and what I become and accepted me the way I am. Thanks to them ♥
Roxas - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for learning basic HTML because it's helping me a lot on my part time job :D
Oriette - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for all the nerds on this site that have decided to be my friend despite the numerous warning signs, my twelve second memory and my inability to form coherent sentences during daylight hours. I'm also grateful for red pandas, green tea icecream and ferns.
Samwise - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for my Mom teaching me to stand up for myself and not let anyone walk all over me. She also taught me a great respect of honesty the quickest way to anger her was to lie to her and that is the quickest way to anger me as well. I am grateful for my Grandma and my best friend's Mom teaching me to crochet it's really fun and I make money at the craft shows because of it. I am also grateful for my loving family.
MissHalloween - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for my Grammy teaching me the art of cooking,baking,sharing,caring,and fighting for what I believe in. If it assent for her,I would have never came this far..and I would never would have the best Grammy,and well.. Mother,family,and best friend.
Ditto - November 23, 2018
I've had a rough life for a lot of it, but today I am super thankful that somehow I made it through it and was around to meet my wonderful friends and partner. Today I'm happier than I ever was for a long, long time. :)
Shiro - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for the warmth of my home and the love of the people and animals who care about me.
Lunasparkle - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my home and grateful for my job. I am grateful for life itself. I am grateful for everything I have learned so far.
CheeseLiker - November 23, 2018
I am grateful for everyone who hasn't given up on me; simple as that. ;u;
Jess - November 23, 2018
I'm most grateful for my significant others and my friends. Especially Ren. He's been one of my best friends ever since I joined this site, and tbh I hate to wonder what my life would be like without him. He just makes it so much better. And I love him so much and thank him for putting up with me! <3
Sliced - November 23, 2018
This year has been rough with a good 14 hour moving .. and other personal issues I'm really greatful to my mum for being such great support and helping myself and my sisters to be in a much better living situation. Im thankful to my little sissys also helping me ! As well as thankful to Silver for being loving and surporting during that time. I'm also very thankful to all my friends including you lovely friends on res for really helping me when I've needed it ! In Australia we do not celebrate thanks giving but I would still like to say an extra extra super dooper big thank you to everyone !
Dissonantia - November 23, 2018
There are so many things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for having a wonderful mother who has been there for me when no one else was. I'm thankful for the friends I've made over the years. I'm thankful for my pets who are always around to cheer me up when I'm down. I'm thankful for the Res community and how I've made so many awesome friends through this game. And while there are many things that still get me down, I'm thankful that there's always someone there to help me get back on my feet.
Juke - November 23, 2018
Grateful for making one of the best friends I've ever had recently -- he doesn't play Res but just being able to talk to him makes me grin like a fool. I'm also extremely thankful that I've got so many good friends on Res as well! Jess and Oriette and Anakin and Rowen and so many more! Y'all make my heart go AAAAAAA
lastfarewell - November 23, 2018
Thankful to be home with family this year :)
kaymeg - November 23, 2018
I am thankful for my baby girl who has enriched my life beyond my imagining :)
Tchaikovsky - November 23, 2018
Grateful for friends, family, and good health. Thanks staff!
Ghost_Whisperer - November 23, 2018
I'm grateful for honestly everything in life including the people who have put me through hard times. They taught me things about myself that I didn't even know about.