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June 19, 2009 - Rule Reminders

I would like to remind you all of several of our rules we have here.


  1. One account per person. No multi's. 
  2. No abusing glitches. I know a lot of you think your clever about it but you really are not.


Now that v2 is here, staff have more powers and can issue bans much easier. This is why there was recently a wave of multi related bans. I urge those of you who are breaking the rules to stop. If you have multiple accounts, contact a staff member to have them closed.

On another note, the following updates were made:


  1. A name checker has been added to the pet search so you can see how many times a specific name has been used.
  2. Minor updates to showroom/rancher shops.
  3. Item search is fixed. You can now type things in and it should work fine.
  4. Minor pet auction glitches fixed.
  5. Planet visas should be functional again for those users who used theirs in v1. 


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June 15, 2009 - Kioka & Omni


Credit Shop Update 



The Kioka and Omni eggs are now available until June 19th in the Credit Shop. On Friday, these eggs will retire from the Credit Shop permanently. They will never be released again.

New Credit Shop pets will be released afterwards. 

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June 9, 2009 - Skaldyr Revamp

We've taken a little bit of a different approach on the Skaldyr this time around. Thank xeeroh for this beautiful revamp! This pet is now available in all natural and dye kit colors.

We've also fixed the glitch with the double purchasing in user shops.

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June 8, 2009 - Updates

Some more updates:


  1. Added pages to Rancher Shops
  2. Added pages to Showrooms
  3. Updated pet search to make it a little more user friendly. We will be adding a price range box soon. 


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June 6, 2009 - Updates

Here is a list of updates I was able to make today. There aren't many because I was away most of the day. 


  1. Alert notifications added for winning a pet auction, being out bid in a pet auction, and having your pet auction won.
  2. Merchant shop search is now sorted by price.
  3. Gender Pendants are now functional again.


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