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November 21, 2018 - Opening of the Shrines
Opening of the Shrines

Good people of Rescreatu, I must thank you for helping Toby find the Shrine on Atquati. Now that you have found my shrine, you may now find the shrine on any planet if you look for it. Just remember that you may only use a planet's shrine if you actually belong to that planet, and that Creatu may only be blessed at the shrine of their home planet. I can't tell you exactly where the shrines are, but if you look, I have faith you will be able to find them on your own. 

For now, you can only access the shrines if you have completed the whole quest with young Toby. The quest will be removed on Sunday night, and then you will be able to access the shrines without having completed the quest beforehand.

For the chance of blessing your adult Creatu you must donate your possessions to the shrine. The number of points you receive for each offering depends on its relationship to the planet and its rarity. There are four different item prizes to be obtained from each shrine. See if you can collect them all!

The blessings and item prizes will be awarded randomly, but the higher your reputation, the higher the chance of receiving a blessing. Unlike the Enchanted Springs, you may leave the shrine page to choose the adult pet you want blessed, and the blessing will still be waiting for you when you return.

I must inform you that not all Creatu are able to be blessed yet. There are kinks in the blessing spell to work out for each one. As we refine the blessing to be able to permit it to be applied to more Creatu, we will keep you informed. For now, the Creatu you can bless are: 

Relcore - Berrok, Chimby, Jaaku, Leverene, Malal

Scria - Intes, Kayoki, Mirabilis, Meragon, Zaphao

Reiflem - Ardur, Ebilia, Kurrabi, Meiko, Otachie

Atquati - Ahea, Draqua, Goiba, Quelis, Skaldyr

We also need to tweak our spell a bit further for the special Opal birthstone color, so those Creatu are not yet able to receive a blessing. To keep track of which Creatu can be blessed, you may go to the Creatu Species list and see a preview of what each species and color will look like with any effect it has available.

Upon consideration, Credit Shop and Uldavian Creatu will not be accepted by any of our shrines at this time. You might say that they're not quite of our four worlds, and we aren't entirely certain how they would best aid our beautiful planets.

The Shrines, Aura Candles and Residence Permits are permanent additions to the site. We will be monitoring the impact of the new feature and making adjustments as needed, but your feedback is also welcome.

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November 20, 2018 - Will You Find It?
Will You Find It?

Yesterday you and Toby were close to discovering what that odd Creatu was. Hopefully, today you will find it! Head back to Scria to pick up Toby to continue your quest to discover the origin of the strange looking Creatu!

You may have noticed that some strange candles have been floating around lately. If you light them, and make a heartfelt wish, they will temporarily surround you with the aura of the planet they came from. After a day has passed, the aura will fade, and you will once again be a part of the planet you originally lived on.

In case you want to move permanently, you may also purchase a single use residence permit from the Cash Shop. 

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November 19, 2018 - Contest winners
Halloween Contest winners


Annnnddd the votes are in! 
We had some ~wicked~ entries for your contests this year, huge thank you to everyone who entered and voted for their favorite spine-chilling designs and photos. 

Note: please click the thumbnail to view the larger image.

Most creative 

The frightfully artistic:

Most intricate 

The devil for the details:

Most intimidating 

The menacing: 




The hair-raising: 

Originality of Media 

The alarming:


The horrific:

Colour Usage

The sinister:




The captivating: 

Most festive 

The cobweb covered-


The terrible: 


The cave-dwelling beast: 




The beastly: 

Most intimidating 

The spook spectral:

Most intricate 

The unearthly:

Most creative

The phantasmal:


Contest Participants will receive:
A Dark wraith and a trophy 

Contest winners will receive the following:

A Keep out Gate, a trophy, 10 mil and a Drachid egg; as well as the prizes above.



Also, a huge congratulations to the Xisters leaderboard winners! 
You'll each get a Veil of Ruwyn and Wings of Ruwyn.

veilofruwyn.png wingofruwyn.png

You will receive an alert when prizes are given out so you will know when the items are placed on your account.
Thanks again to everyone who entered! 

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November 19, 2018 - Outing With Toby
Phyllis Needs Your Help!

Don't forget to return to Phyllis' house on Scria to meet up with Toby!

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November 18, 2018 - In a flap
Phyllis Needs Your Help!
Image result for rescreatu phyllis
Poor Phyllis is in a bind, and urgently requests your presence at her home on Scria.

 She hates to interrupt your holiday preparations, but she is very worried about something. Will you please answer her call and see what you can do to help?

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