Aren't you happy that Winter is coming to a close? It got so cold this year that my poor old bones are still aching. But now that Spring has arrived it is getting warmer and flowers have begun to sprout. It won't be long before the four worlds are blooming again! It's such an exciting time of year, especially with all the hatching I need to do. I hope you've got lots of eggs for me!

But I do have a slight problem. Toby just doesn't seem interested in painting his eggs anymore. He keeps going out to those shrines to see people get blessings on their Creatu. So I have a yet another request to make of you.

I'd like you to take the eggs of Toby's favorite elemental Creatu; chimby, intes, ardur and skaldyr; and paint them up with elemental designs! I have templates that you can use to create your own patterns with. You can print these out and color them by hand, or do them digitally. It is your choice! I can't promise you that Toby will use any of them, but I do hope they will inspire him to return to egg painting.

You can enter one egg design for each planet. These should be Rmailed to Kina who has offered her help in collecting the designs. Oh, and I should probably give you some ground rules too!

  1. Each egg outline must have the proper elemental design. Chimby: Earth. Intes: Air. Ardur: Fire. Skaldyr: Water.
  2. You may submit one design per egg/element only. These must be original designs of your own creation.
  3. Designs should be rmailed to Kina and not shared on any public area of the site until the contest is over and winners are announced.
  4. There will be one winner per element. Should these eggs inspire Toby enough, the winner will receive a complete set and an Aerix Creatu Egg.
  5. Entries must be rmailed to Kina by 11:59 pm Rescreatu time on May 7th.
  6. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a participation prize.
  7. The winning entries will be turned into real items in the game!

If you have any questions, please post in the update thread. I really appreciate your willingness to help me try to inspire Toby to start egg painting again.

You may download your egg lineart at (right click > save as):

  1. Ardur
  2. Chimby
  3. Intes
  4. Skaldyr